Introduction to Terrorism

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Written by Dr. Mahinda Balasuriya    Sunday, 22 August 2010 21:24

Introduction to Terrorism

Definitions and La santé des hommes - médicaments cialis Different Aspects of Terrorism





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Terrorism in General

What do we mean exactly by ‘terrorism’? If one went solely by its literal meaning, terrorism would embrace every act where a group of a few or even one individual can terrorise a large number of people. Terrorism would thus cover a very broad spectrum of violence with diverse causes, objectives or motives. The terrorists, under such general terms, would include armed bands of Anabolic and health dreaded desperadoes operating in a region, like notorious dacoits of Chambal ravines in India; fundamentalist fanatics who take upon themselves the divine task of enforcing religious tenets by violence as done by muslim brotherhood and Anand Margis; political extremists trying to force a change in the established political order in the style of Carlos Marighela in Brazil; or simply an odd individual criminal, psychic or a plain lunatic indulging in terrorization of people. Jack the Ripper, the Hathora Group (Hammer-killers) of Karachi (Pakistan), Raman Raghav, the schizophrenic of Pune (India) and the good news today ‘Boston Strangler’ illustrate this type of a lone terrorist. Terrorisation may also be afflicted by a section of the society over a socially, economically or ethnically weaker group. The Apartheid in South Africa, Ku Klux Klan in the United States of America and some highborn committing atrocities on low-caste people in India, are some examples of this type. (Uberoy, 1992. p. 25, 26).

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